About Carl Dierschow

Carl loves working with business owners who are creative, energetic, and committed to growing their companies to the next level of success.

This might mean dealing with the impacts of the economic downturn, expanding the organization, serving new customers, or delivering more paid value to existing customers.

Ultimately, achieving the most important business goals comes down to the focus, energy, and commitment of the company’s leaders. That drives alignment and passion of employees, and the creativity to maximize revenue from loyal customers.

Carl brings a wealth of business experience based upon creating and growing products in high tech. His depth of experience in strategic planning, organizational alignment, and the creation of new products and services is a great asset for his clients.

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Carl is also an experienced business and career coach, working with clients in large business, small business, and individuals since 1999. He is an experienced professional coach aligned with the International Coach Federation, and certified as a professional coach from both Comprehensive Coaching University (US) and The Forton Group (UK). He started his professional career with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Outside of business, Carl enjoys developing his own spirituality, helping others on their own journeys, and singing. He leads a Handbell Choir and is active in his local church. He’s lived his whole life in Northern Colorado, except for a couple of years developing business opportunities in Melbourne, Australia. He loves his wife, two kids, and is exploring his passion for great beer.

Carl Dierschow of Small Fish Business Coaching from Small Fish Business Coaching on Vimeo.